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Monday, July 18, 2005

Investing in Mass Transit

Two articles in the NY Times today underscoring the investments necessary to improve NYC mass transit infrastructure.

First, there is a new bond proposal for $2.9 billion dollars that will be on the November ballot. Of that dollar total "Half of the money, $1.45 billion, would go to the transportation authority for a variety of building projects and new equipment, including new subway cars and buses as well as trains for the authority's two commuter railroads." This will include the first section of the 2nd Avenue Subway line and a link between the LIRR and Grandcentral station as well as other capital equipment. The other half will go to highway and bridge improvements as well as "repairs to freight railroad lines". This seems like a good start in the right direction and something that peak oil folks should work to support to avoid the failure of a similar proposal in 2000.

Second, a team has been selected to build the new Moynihan station that will become the new home of NJ Transit just one street west of Penn station. This will help ease crowding and delays that currently exist as well as allow NJ Transit to expand service.


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